Sri Lanka Festival of Music, Dance & Speech

Music and Drama are inherent in our lives, with proper techniques of teaching and professional guidance each one of us can be credited with either the potentiality in speech, drama or even the musical instincts that we possess. We at The International Institute of Music, Speech & Drama, work continuously towards encouraging Teachers to enhance these talents in their students and bring out the best in them.

Sri Lanka Festival of Music, Dance & Speech, has been one of our main events since 1998 and has been escalating since. The initial festival which had the participation of just 07 centres and 1500 students has developed and extended to 42 centres and over 10000 candidates from various parts of the island, branding it as a unique National Festival.

The students are graded and awarded by Foreign Adjudicators in the disciplines of Music, Dance and Speech. The grades and respective awards are as follows:

  • Above 85  – Gold medal
  • Between 81 – 84 – Silver medal
  • Between 78 – 80 – Bronze medal
  • Between 75 – 77 – Certificate

Music, Dance & Speech which can be performed as Solos, Duets, Trios, Groups and Choirs are categorized in the following:

    Piano, Keyboard,String, Woodwind, Brasswind, Accordion, Melodica, Guitar, Singing, Percussion, Band.


    All categories of Eastern (Oriental) Dance, Western Dance
    Free Improvisation, Song & Dance


    Verse speaking, Prose Reading, Public Speaking, Television News reading, Radio News reading, Sacred Reading, Drama, Mime.

    The Festival which is held annually from May to July is committed to providing students with the opportunity to achieve their full potential. While learning and developing a whole range of techniques, students develop their personality, interact with their peers, enjoy new skills and most of all have lots of fun, in a lively and creative environment. Students are consequently enriched with a high level of confidence and self belief, which will complement and support them throughout their lives.


    Click here for the festival guidelines

    Click here for the application form

    Click here for the festival syllabus

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