Welcome from the Director

Welcome to the website of the International Institute of Music, Speech and Drama. The ‘International Institute of Music, Speech & Drama’ was established in 2002 as an independent, progressive, flexible and friendly examining body. Whilst manifesting a steady growth in the field of Music, Speech and Drama, we constantly endeavour to introduce new techniques of teaching methodologies to international standards. The Institute conducts examinations at a number of centres in the island giving equal opportunity to students from diverse areas. Thus the reputation of the Institute has now spread far beyond the city in which it began.

The Institute conducts local examinations in Music Speech and Drama. Foreign examinations of The London College on Music of the university of West London, Sri Lanka festival of Music, Dance and Speech affiliated to the British and International federation of festivals for Music, Dance and Speech and International Summer Youth camp.

Our syllabus for local examinations has examinations in Music - Piano, Keyboard, Recorder, Violin and Theory of music. The syllabus for Speech and Drama has Spoken English, Oral Communication, Speech and Drama, Effective Speaking, Written English and General English. Local Examinations are held throughout the year. Written Examinations are held twice a year in April and October.

We also conduct foreign examinations - The London College of Music of the University of West London in Music - Piano, Keyboard, Singing, String instruments. Also Speech and Drama and allied subjects. Examinations are held 3 times a year.

The Sri Lanka Festival of Music, Dance and Speech affiliated to the British and International Federation of festivals UK is held annually throughout Sri Lanka in 40 centres during the months of May and June with adjudicators from the British Federation. The festival provides a platform for performers of all ages to present their work before the professional adjudicators who assess their performance. Reports, certificates, medals and trophies are awarded to every performer.

The International Summer Youth camp for Music, Drama and Dance is also held annually during the months of April/ August with Directors from the UK and Ireland.